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Ask our experts for your state of the art

At Okay Doc Institute, we provide you with the best specialized experts to carry out a tailor-made state of the art. We accompany you throughout the planned mission, by establishing an effective action plan that will allow you to achieve your objectives.

Our experts are at your disposal to list previous studies and work or to analyze your environment. Find our researchers who will enlighten you in your decision-making. In the era of the knowledge economy, knowledge of patents, innovations, and previous inventions becomes a key issue in order to distinguish oneself.

Carry out a state of the art necessary for your innovations

With Okay Doc Institute, we suggest that you use researchers, experts in their field, to create an overview of the knowledge related to your activity.
At Okay Doc Institute, we provide you with the best researchers, at the forefront of their field, to assess the feasibility of your projects and the relevance of your innovations.


With the experts – researchers of Okay Doc Institute, you will be able to benefit from a synthesis which will directly bring you the elements necessary for your decision-making. The state of the art carried out on behalf of your organization will allow you to see the major trends in your sector.


With the experts – researchers of Okay Doc Institute, you will have access to researchers who work on your problem and who will make their research work available to you as part of a mission on behalf of your organization. This achievement will bring you added research value.

Why call on our experts to carry out your state of the art?

Achieving a precise and relevant state of the art is a sine qua non for any innovation. To differentiate yourself from the competition, to have real scientific legitimacy or to identify blue oceans, the state of the art allows you to have an overview of current knowledge.

The analysis of existing knowledge is in particular an essential driver of growth and competitiveness for companies in an increasingly competitive world.

Obtain a synthesis of knowledge on your subjects

At Okay Doc Institute, our experts are able to write a research report effectively in various fields whether you are specialized in marketing, geography, geopolitics, environmental sciences…

AI / Data Science

Our AI / Data Sciences experts offer you privileged access to the state of knowledge to develop your technological innovations. A real lever of growth for organizations, Artificial Intelligence nevertheless requires fine and precise knowledge.

Environmental Sciences

Our environmental science experts will provide you with an overview of knowledge on the theme of climate change. To distinguish scientific knowledge from beliefs, our researchers provide you with the necessary knowledge.

Health / E-health

Our health and E-health experts offer access to current knowledge to have a recent and precise state of the art. A sector of the future, health must be based on scientific knowledge to guarantee serious development.

Social science

Our humanities experts offer a variety of expertise relating to the functioning of society. Economics, sociology, philosophy or even history, the state of the art in the human sciences allows you to understand your human environment.

scientific state of the art

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