Sourcing and Recruitment

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Okay Doc Recruitment 

Innovative, Responsive and Efficient!

– An Okay Doc Consultant completely dedicated to your research
– A customed service to find the ideal doctor
– Transparent prices, fixed in advance

Why using Okay Doc ?


Our team from both the research and business field is able to understand your needs for high-level skills and know how to find them


An appetite for both the so-called “hard” sciences and the “human and social sciences”


We can assist you in the construction of your offer and in all stages of the recruitment of the doctor until the drafting of the contract


As soon as your needs are transmitted, we are able to prequalify candidates

How does it work ?


Qualification of the desired profile

We define together the profile of the doctor we are looking for in order to establish specifications


Comprehensive care

An Okay Doc consultant is responsible for finding the doctors who meet your criteria


Meet the doctors

Presentation of a short-list of doctor-researchers directly in your location

A complete and secure recruitment process!

Phase 1: Qualification of candidates
1. Definition of the doctor profile sought
2. Beginning of the search for candidates
3. Interview phases and reference checks

Phase 2: Presentation and monitoring of applications
4. Validation of doctor’s files
5. Recruitment of one of the doctors presented
6. Post-hiring follow-up

OKAY DOC double guarantee
Replacement and promise to hire

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Expert in recruiting doctors in France

A large community of doctors as well as numerous partnerships with universities and job sites allow our consultants to source the best profiles.

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Support for new hires

To ensure the smooth running of the contract and the monitoring of the service for both the company side and the doctor’s side, we will contact the company and the doctor the first, third and sixth months. This practice makes it possible to ensure that the researcher is properly integrated and to adjust the conditions if necessary.

Okay Doc extra value

The double guarantee

1. The replacement guarantee

If our candidate terminates the contract during his trial period or if you terminate the contract during the candidate’s trial period, we undertake to resume our mission and to identify new profiles without additional charges.

2. Guarantee of promise of employment

If our candidate declines your engagement offer after having accepted it, we undertake to resume our mission and to identify new profiles at no additional cost.

Young doctor’s case 

In addition to skills, an advantageous tax system!


A young doctor is a doctor who has not yet signed a CDI following his doctorate.


Lasting skills: Hiring a young doctor means investing in the long term, taking advantage of one’s future reputation to develop the visibility and brand image of the company.

A tax advantage: When you hire a young doctor, the valuation in your CIR of his loaded salary and associated operating costs are multiplied by 2 for 2 years.

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PhD student and “CIFRE thesis”

A low cost, a strong R&D indicator and a definite added value!


A “CIFRE thesis” is a thesis subsidized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research which allows a company to hire a doctoral student for at least 3 years full time.


Financially, benefit from a tax advantage (in addition to the subsidy allocated by the ANRT)
On the scientific level, to obtain formal R&D indicators, making it possible to secure the CIR in the event of control

Do you want to speak to a PhD recruitment professional?

Our Sourcing Experts are at your disposal to support you regardless of the profile sought: R&D Manager, Artificial Intelligence Expert, e-health expert, Consultant in innovation financing , Director of research, Responsible for research and quantitative analysis, expert in mechanical power transmission, data-scientist…