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Are you planning an event and seeking an inspiring speaker who is an expert in their field? Wondering how to find a speaker for your conference?

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The use of new technologies (Blockchain, NFT, AI, Big Data, etc.) is a source of both opportunities and disruptions. Digital transformation is now one of the essential components of performance for businesses in France and around the world.


Performance, ethics, societal changes, project organization and management, digital explosion, customer experience, marketing strategy, processes… Management and work methods continue to evolve in organizations, requiring anticipation and support to adapt and embrace these changes.


Well-being, nutrition, diagnosing and monitoring health issues, creating new drugs and medical devices, disease management and treatment… Professionals and patients alike must adapt to new practices and technologies previously unfamiliar to the general public.


Climate, digital ecology, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), resource management, pollution, energy efficiency, emerging practices… Our scientific speakers cover multiple topics related to the environmental challenges of the world of tomorrow.

Agency of Speakers – Humanities & Social Sciences

Discover all our speakers in Humanities & Social Sciences

Philosophers, economists, lawyers, psychologists, geographers, foresight experts, GDPR specialists, Big Data architects…

Agency of Speakers – Environment

Discover all our speakers in Environment

Meteorologists, biologists, geomatics specialists, acousticians, chemists, air quality specialists, agronomists, ecology experts, astrophysicists, CSR managers…

Yann-Arthus Bertrand

Sébastien Carassou, PhD

Researcher in Astrophysics
Yann-Arthus Bertrand

Frédéric Ouedraogo, PhD

Researcher in Geochemistry
Yann-Arthus Bertrand

Nicolas Lassabe, PhD

Sustainable Innovation
Yann-Arthus Bertrand

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Agency of Speakers – Healthcare & Life Science

Discover all our speakers in Healthcare

Physiotherapists, doctors, dietitians, roboticists, data analysts, experts in Biochemistry, robotics, telemedicine, e-health cloud, clinical applications, health cybersecurity…

cropped DSC04103 Editbis 1

Marie Tautou, PhD

Expert in Neuroscience
cropped cropped Elodie Chabrol

Élodie Chabrol, PhD

Expert in Neurogenetics
cropped Photo Portrait

Kévin Caillaud, PhD

Expert in Kinesiology
cropped cropped Assia Asrir

Assia Asrir, PhD

Expert in Immunology
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Agency of Speakers – Digital Transformation

Discover all our speakers in AI & Data Science

Data scientist, computer vision specialist, data protection officer, data miner, machine learning expert, risk management, crawling, disruption, experimentation, growth hacking, blockchain, NFT

cropped cropped cropped cropped Philippe Boulanger square 1

Philippe Boulanger, PhD

Expert in Computer Science
cropped Remy Fevrier

Rémy Février, PhD

Expert in Digital Transformation
cropped Matthieu Quiniou

Matthieu Quiniou, PhD

Private Law Attorney
cropped Robert Voyer

Robert Voyer, PhD

Expert in AI & Ethics
cropped Alexandre 1

Alexandre Pachulski, PhD

Innovation at the core of HR
cropped Capture decran 2022 12 15 a 15.35.35

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All our speakers in AI & Data Science

Cutting-Edge Scientific and Academic Speakers
Shaping Current News and Discussions!

For an intervention to truly bring added value to your employees, it is essential not only to define a theme you wish to explore but also to select an expert who genuinely masters the subject to address your audience’s questions



We will organize an initial exchange within 24 hours with you so that you can describe all the details of your event and your objectives.



We identify and select the most suitable expert speakers. We then present you with a selection of profiles.



Once one of the profiles is available and interested in your event, we can confirm the service by signing the contract.



You benefit from competitive rates, and we provide support by ensuring, if necessary, the implementation for the D-day after a preparation meeting with the speaker.

Our commitments for your events!

By collaborating with our speakers agency, you have the opportunity to achieve your goals more quickly. Whatever your project, industry, or company size, we have the experts to meet your challenges.

Inspiring ThemesToday, both large companies and SMEs, as well as startups, equally need researchers in cognitive psychology, law, social marketing, and design to revolutionize existing solutions.

Top-level speakers Through our intermediation, organizations (private companies, local authorities, institutions) can finally access top-level researchers and benefit from groundbreaking ideas.

Customized support We guarantee the completion of the mission and provide continuous support to researchers throughout their assignments. This unique collaboration offers organizations privileged access to high-level scientific research.

Scientific speakers

Inviting a scientific speaker, an expert in their field, guarantees an inspiring and valuable event. They will be able to draw parallels between their domain and your company while sharing their expertise.

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We offer conferences to inspire your team and enable them to engage with experts on topics related to key success factors, innovation, and the future.

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It is essential to provide real added value on specific topics. In this regard, calling upon a true expert in their field is the best solution to convey and inspire your teams.

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Okay Doc provides access to researchers for your organization, offering services such as PhD recruitment, innovation consulting, scientific expertise, and conferences.

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