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To face the competition from start-ups, GAFA and globalization, companies need expertise more than ever.

The main obstacle to digital transformation in French companies is the lack of digital culture and training. Companies need people with a lively spirit, autonomous, with real communication skills and capable of a quick understanding of emerging issues. PhD are trained to demonstrate dexterity and versatility by going further than simple solutions.

Discover our 4 expertise departments


Okay Doc supports organizations in developing a strategy for data exploitation to create value and remain competitive in a data-driven global economy.


Okay Doc supports producers and industries in rethinking their products to align with new consumption and production models as effective and sustainable responses to the environmental challenges of our century while integrating economic considerations.


Okay Doc assists organizations in their innovative initiatives related to health, leveraging the expertise of its diverse range of professionals in fields such as medicine, law, psychology, marketing, and data sciences.


Okay Doc supports organizations in their innovative initiatives, integrating all dimensions of humanities and social sciences through the expertise of our diverse professionals.


Our hubs of activity

Each department is structured around 4 hubs of activities:
Consulting, Strategy and innovation research – Training and Events – Scientific writing – Recruitment

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Consulting, strategy and research in innovation

The pole “Consulting, Strategy and Research in innovation” aims to analyze and study your organizations, your projects, your innovations then to advise you on the decisions to be taken and the strategies to implement to achieve your objectives set at the start.
Our expert researchers can do the following for you:

• Data analysis
• Audit
• Strategy consulting, management
• Exploratory work
• Laboratory studies
• Feasibility studies
• Research notes (R&D studies)
• Technology transfer
• Technology intelligence
• Compliance
• Impact study
• Create new activities, offers and services

Events and training

The “Events and training” pole aims to respond to your problems related to the digital transformation of your business by organizing events such as seminars, conferences or workshops led by our expert-researchers.
We also provide training that covers all the themes of our E-Health, Human and Social Sciences, IA-Data Sciences and Environment departments.
Our expert researchers can do the following for you:

• Conferences
• Search for speakers
• Prospective seminars
• Symposium organization
• Training
• Hackathon in different areas
• Creation and animation of thesis awards

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Scientific writing

The purpose of the “Scientific Writing” pole is to improve your company’s knowledge on a specific subject or to analyze the feasibility of your projects.
Our expert researchers can do the following for you:

• Documentary analysis
• Scientific article
• Writing white papers
• Scientific popularization
• Technological report
• State of the art (CIR)
• Summary
• Drafting of an ethical charter



Our talent hunters support you in the recruitment of highly qualified scientific and technical profiles.

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