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Innovation consulting, Relevant and Effective!

In the era of the knowledge economy, real breakthrough innovations are expected. Researchers, whatever their specialty, are increasingly in demand by companies around the world.

Investing in research means taking the risk of innovation!

Like the H2020 program, Okay Doc provides you with the experts you need to successfully transform your business. Our innovation consulting services are innovative, because we bring in researchers to renew consulting codes.

Whether it is to obtain advice on innovation, to benefit from our training, or to involve a scientist during your seminars, our experts are there to provide solutions to your problems.

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On-demand innovation expertise

Inspirational and expert speakers

Inspire your employees by involving scientists at the forefront of their field. Meet our panel of speakers.

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How does it work?
Discover how our innovation consulting services work

Since 2018, Okay Doc has been renewing the codes of innovation consulting and research by involving doctors in organizations (private companies, communities, institutions) by mobilizing their expertise. The purpose of the missions can be very varied: expertise, technological watch, scientific or regulatory watch, bibliographic research, state of the art on a subject, training, feasibility studies, management consulting, various studies, etc.

Framing of the problem

Our collaboration begins with an exchange allowing us to strengthen our understanding of your needs, the context of the mission and your expectations.

Selection of experts

An Okay Doc expert is responsible for finding the profiles that best meet your expectations. We take the time to discuss with the experts in order to offer you the most relevant profiles to meet your needs.

Achievement of the mission

After the presentation of the selected experts and the presentation of our operating mode, we carry out the mission by carrying out regular points with you.

Experts in all fields

Thanks to their skills resulting from their doctoral training and whatever their specialty, the researchers offer companies a unique approach to meet the challenges of innovation and to provide innovation advice different from “classic” advice.


Data Scientist, Deep Learning Specialist, Big Data Architect, Machine Learning Expert, Data Protection Officer…

Consulting in AI – Data Sciences

Expert in biomimicry, Renewable energy project manager, ESG criteria analyst…

Environmental Science Consulting

Healthcare Data Scientist, Cloud e-health specialist, Telemedicine development manager…

E-Health Consulting

Digital Lawyer, UX/UI Ergonomist Analyst, Foresight Manager, GDPR Specialist, Social Media Manager, etc.

Consulting in Humanities and Social Sciences

Ask our experts through different types of missions

Thanks to Okay Doc Institute, you have access to new skills to respond to your technical and scientific issues.

Data analysis

At Okay Doc Institute, our premier experts in data analysis stand ready to empower you. We’ll guide you through the entire mission, constructing a complete action plan that steers you towards goal accomplishment.

Scientific state of the art

Engage the finest specialists through Okay Doc Institute for a personalized, in-depth exploration. Find out about the latest in scientific advancements with our experts, shaping insights that fuel your progress.

Scientific watch

Navigating today’s intricate landscape demands astute business intelligence. Whether it’s economic, technological, scientific, or legal monitoring, fulfill your strategic imperative thanks to our service, enabling optimal decisions.

Economic intelligence

Decode your surroundings and foresee pivotal shifts. At Okay Doc Institute, we facilitate profound comprehension of markets, innovation, regulations, digital trends, and strategy—unleash the power of economic intelligence.


Our commitments for your organization

Combining cutting-edge research on innovative themes

Today, large companies such as SMEs and startups need researchers in cognitive psychology, law, social marketing and design to revolutionize existing solutions.

Experts capable of enlightening your decision-making processes

Thanks to our intermediation, organizations (private companies, communities, institutions) can finally have access to high-level researchers and benefit from revolutionary ideas.

Support researchers throughout their mission

We guarantee the achievement of the mission and we support the researchers throughout their missions. This original collaboration offers organizations privileged contact with high-level scientific research.

Our expertise

Discover our scientific expertise through our articles on the Okay Doc blog

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IT: “companies are often surprised by what a researcher can bring them”

People always want more. We do not accept to live today as we lived yesterday, or as our ancestors had lived. Companies must always come up with new things, to sell, to stay competitive.

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Energy transition: how can research contribute to it?

The Senate held the regional planning and sustainable development committee as part of the finance bill for 2022. Why is it necessary to invest massively in the energy transition? What role should research play? What technologies should be developed?

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“The geophysicist has a deep understanding of the issues related to the energy transition”

People always want more. We do not accept to live today as we lived yesterday, or as our ancestors had lived. Companies must always come up with new things, to sell, to stay competitive.

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