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About us

Our Team

We collaborate with a large community of doctors from different academic sectors and fields related to digital transformation.


Co-founder – Information and Communication science PhD

Yann-Maël LARHER

Co-founder – Social rights PhD at l’Université Panthéon Assas


Co-founder – Applied cognitive psychology PhD


Special Advisor – Former french Minister and Deputy


Associate – Doctor – Telemedicine consultant – eHealth expert


Associate – History PhD


Special Advisor – Management PhD and Orange Fab France Executive


Project Manager


Communication Manager

Why Okay Doc ?

How to reconsile  
short and long term ? 

The solution provided by Okay Doc is to simplify the access to high-level research by creating the first platform of researchers to meet the companies’ new digital challenges through short missions.

To deal with the challenges imposed by a digital transition under economic, environmental and social constraints, the aim is to unleash the huge potential of French research by making researchers visible and accessible to all sizes companies.

30% of the PhD trained in France leave abroad after their thesis

In the Silicon Valley, French people, considered to be well educated, well trained and to have a unique creative thought, represent the first community. Imagine the wealth they would bring to our economy if they had stayed in France ?

French PhD trained each year

Phd in companies’ r&d teams 


To inovate in France, we need to increase the value of the French Research 

To make France becoming a great digital nation, we need to connect business and research through innovation.
Doctoral students and young PhD constitute the intellectual forces of the Nation, they must be seen as one of the keys which must allow France to hold its rank in the international competition.
This is the reason why Okay Doc wishes to offer to companies and researchers a new environment of collaboration and innovation that represent a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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Our partners

Okay Doc is committed to forge and develop strong partnerships with different ecosystems. Together, we work in synergy to connect the world of business with research.
Here are some of our partners:


L’ANDès est l’association nationale des docteurs. Fondée en 1970 et reconnue d’utilité publique depuis 1975, elle rassemble les docteurs de toutes disciplines, quel que soit leur âge, leur statut professionnel, qu’ils résident en France ou à l’étranger.


L’Association Française des Docteurs en Droit a pour but de promouvoir le diplôme du doctorat en droit et en économie et d’entretenir entre ses membres un esprit d’étroite solidarité et d’entraide.


Magazine de référence des startups en France, Maddyness a développé une expertise des startups françaises qui lui permet aujourd’hui d’être un acteur incontournable de l’économie, de l’innovation et de l’entrepreneuriat.


L’association des militaires entreprenurs, issus des armées, anciens militaires en 2ème carrière, réservistes opérationnels et citoyens, dirigeants et entrepreneurs, organismes publics et associations, rencontrez un réseau solidaire orienté vers le développement de l’entrepreneuriat issu du monde militaire.


Jooble, vous permet d’accéder en un clic à toutes les offres d’emploi en France.

Cap Digital

Cap digital est une association loi 1901 qui soutient la recherche & développement collaborative, contribue à la dynamique des industries franciliennes de la création numérique et participe au rayonnement de la France à l’étranger