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Environmental Science Researchers: Our environmental recruitment agency at the service of your innovation!

Experts continue to shed light on the challenges and dangers of climate change and the human impact on the environment. The quality of our food, public health issues – these are all themes that researchers address and study every day.

The goal of our Environmental recruitment agency is to assist organizations in their considerations for more thoughtful energy use, mastery of their digital and ecological transitions.

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Looking for an expert in Environmental Science?

Our headhunting agency selects the most relevant profiles with a PhD for you:

• Energy manager
• Data analyst environnement
• R&D Manager
• Renewable Energy Mission Officer
• CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Manager
• ESG Criteria Analyst
• Sustainable Manager
• Environmental Legal Specialist
• Industrial Designer
• PhD in Chemical Engineering
• PhD in Materials Science
• PhD in Biomimicry

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Environmental Science

Okay Doc PhD Career: how does it work?

Thanks to our scientific recruitment experts, we define your needs together and we help you build this offer. We take care of distributing the ad, hunting for the best talents for you and prequalifying them before presenting you with the most relevant profiles in relation to your needs.

Profile definition

Data analysts, energy managers, etc., the profiles in the field of environment are diverse. Our collaboration begins with an exchange allowing us to strengthen our understanding of your needs and the context of recruitment, the content of the position and the profile sought.

Sourcing and Prequalification

An Okay Doc talent hunter is responsible for finding the profiles that best match your criteria. We take the time to discuss with candidates in order to present you with the most relevant profiles.

Presentation of candidates and follow-up

After the presentation of the candidates, we support you if necessary in the drafting of a contractual proposal and we also ensure its proper integration into your company.

Aurélie Vattier Delaunay

Aurélie Vattier Delaunay

Specialized in recruiting researchers in the Environmental Science field, Aurélie supports decision-makers and companies within the Okay Doc – Phd Career team in the deployment of their recruitment strategy.

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Why trust our Environmental recruitment agency?

One of the main obstacles is not finding a profile that matches the company’s job offer. That’s why Okay Doc takes the sourcing and candidate selection process very seriously and doesn’t hesitate to continue the search until the company is satisfied with a proposed profile.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If the selected candidate terminates the contract during the probationary period from the date of employment, or if you terminate the candidate’s contract during the probationary period, we commit to resuming our mission and identifying new profiles at no additional cost.

Support for New Hires

To ensure a smooth contract execution and continuous monitoring of the performance, we contact both the company and the hired doctor at the first, third, and sixth months. This practice ensures that we oversee the researcher’s successful integration and make any necessary adjustments to the conditions if needed.

PhDs, Experts in their fields

The specific technical skills, which the doctoral candidate will develop during their research work, are tailored to the thesis theme and may involve mastering certain tools. In addition to highlighting their work and expertise, researchers contribute to bringing a new operational approach and a convergence of academic and technological knowledge to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with high-level expertise.


Developing Renewable Energies

Energy costs are increasingly on the rise, and the proposed alternatives (coal, shale gas, etc.) raise numerous environmental debates. It is estimated that global energy consumption will increase by 40% between 2009 and 2035. To address these challenges, France invests nearly 4.5 billion euros each year to advance research in renewable energies and discover cost-effective solutions. The goal is to utilize inexhaustible sources such as the sun or underwater resources to power our energy needs.


The goal of the fauna-flora expertise is to choose the solution that best aligns the project’s opportunity with environmental preservation. Once the fauna-flora inventory is conducted, it’s important to assess the implications based on these results, envision the foreseeable impacts of the project, and define avoidance or reduction measures to mitigate these effects. In the case of significant residual impacts on protected species, provisions for compensation measures and a request for exemption must be made.

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