eHealth Consulting

eHealth Consulting

The philosophy of our eHealth consulting service

Confidentiality of sensitive data (GDPR), deployment of technical solutions, switchover to digital, training, patient follow-up, processing of large volumes of data… Okay Doc Institute’s eHealth consulting allows you to benefit from the best scientific expertise.

Okay Doc supports organizations in their innovative approaches related to health thanks to the wealth of its experts in fields as varied as medicine, law, psychology, marketing or data science. Our experts adopt the posture of facilitators in order to bring out relevant proposals and to anchor the transformation in the practices of health actors.

Why use an eHealth consulting service?

E-health appears more and more as a relevant solution to meet the challenges faced by health systems:

Our E-health consulting services allow you to discern changes in medical demography, territorial inequalities in access to care, increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, aging of the population, dependency management.

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Our services and areas of activity

Communication and science popularization

• Search for speakers
• Prospective seminars
• Colloquium organization
• Training
• Creation and animation of thesis prizes
• Hackathon data science and e-health

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Consulting and strategy in innovation

• Analysis of health data
• Exploratory work
• Laboratory studies
• Feasibility studies
• Research notes (R&D studies)
• Technology transfer
• Technology watch
• Study of the regulatory framework
• Compliance
• Impact study
• Create new activities offers and services

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Scientific research and writing

• Documentary analysis
• Scientific article
• Writing of white papers
• Popular Science
• Technology report
• State of the art
• Summary
• Drafting of an ethical charter

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Recruitment and talent scouts

• Healthcare Data Scientist
• Cloud e-health specialist
• Trainer in clinical applications
• Health cybersecurity expert
• Development manager in telemedicine
• E-health project manager

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E-Health Consulting: our examples of interventions

The following list of examples of intervention illustrates the possibilities offered by Okay Doc experts to support you in the E-Health’s field.

cropped intelligence artificielle okaydoc esante recherche 4

Health and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly developed field of research and whose margin of progress still seems very important. It can be applied in all areas of human activity including health. In the medical sector, its objective is to improve the quality of care. Artificial Intelligence has an important role to play in the healthcare revolution, with remote patient monitoring, assisted operations, big data, assistance robots … and even decision support.

cropped IT communication okaydoc esante recherche 2

The care of tomorrow is invented today

The new possibilities of information and communication technologies allow a better monitoring of the health of populations from distance, not only for curative purposes but also for preventive purposes. Technical solutions exist today, but they require industrialists and institutions alike to dare ambitious development programs to test and validate new technological and socio-economic models of care.

cropped bigdata okaydoc esante recherche 2

Understanding the challenges of Big Data in the healthcare sector

The Big Data phenomenon is transversal and tends to affect all sectors. In the public health sector, Big Data has the potential to reduce costs by 20%, or around 300 billion euros at European union level. R&D, clinical decision support, prescription and distribution of drugs, and fraud prevention would be some of the categories that would benefit.

cropped médecine okaydoc esante recherche 1

Definition of a new model of medicine

Reflecting on the definition of a new model of medicine which takes into account the aspirations of future doctors and allows a more efficient response to the demand for care from the population.

cropped Docteur domicile okaydoc esante recherche 1

User participation in the production of care

User participation in the production of care is particularly important with the development of new models for home monitoring of chronic diseases. For users who are recovering or at risk, it is nevertheless an important safety device.

cropped hackhaton okaydoc esante recherche 3

Hackathon data science and e-health

Meet researchers, entrepreneurs and coaches to discuss major health problems, form teams, think about solutions and come up with ideas or prototypes.

cropped telemedecine okaydoc esante recherche 1

Telemedicine: For a quick and efficient deployment of secure solutions

In a tight budgetary context, the risks of medical desertification and unequal treatment of patients become very worrying. These risks, which do not spare large cities any more than rural areas, can be controlled by rethinking organizations in consultation with health professionals.

cropped telechirurgie okaydoc esante recherche 1

Telesurgery and new professional practices

Telesurgery is one of the fields in which the question of the transformation of professional practices in new technological environments arises. To achieve this challenge, an in-depth analysis of medical practices is often essential.

cropped data okaydoc esante recherche 1

Secure and value your health data

Correctly managed and valued, health data can optimize care protocols. They can be used to support the choice of protocol, treatment, diagnosis or simply research.

cropped donnee okaydoc esante recherche 2

Sensitive health data and compliance

Personal health data represents a category of data that is subject to specific regulations (European Regulation on the protection of personal data of April 27, 2016 (RGPD); European Network and Information Security Directive (NIS) of July 6 2016; The Data Protection Act). The storage and securing of data therefore requires compliance work with regard to regulations.

cropped objets connectes okaydoc esante recherche 1

Connected objects and mobile applications are revolutionizing health

Connected objects in health are revolutionizing our daily lives and the way we approach our own health. They can take the form of clothing, bracelets, watches, sensors, etc. Connected objects are great health prevention tools by enabling the monitoring of indicators, the early diagnosis of diseases and thus optimal treatment. For patients and doctors, these tools are very helpful.

cropped systeme communication okaydoc esante recherche scaled 2

Health information systems

Health information systems (HIS) or hospitals (HIS) form the basis on which e-health is based: they organize, at the IT level, the exchange of information between city medicine and the hospital, or between different departments within the same hospital. Properly implemented, they can make communications more efficient and faster between departments.

cropped realite virtuelle okaydoc esante recherche scaled 2

The benefits of virtual reality in health

Virtual reality is a technology that simulates the physical presence of a user in an environment artificially created by software. The user interacts with the environment in order to have a sensory experience that stimulates sight, hearing, smell and touch. The goal is that the individual feels completely immersed in the created environment. In terms of health, its field of application is vast: surgical aid, pain relief, aid for the training of health professionals, immersive therapeutic education.

cropped nutrition okaydoc esante recherche 1

Guide the development of nutritional public health policies

Many scientific studies have highlighted the key role played by nutrition on our health. WHO estimates that cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes are responsible for almost 80% of premature deaths from noncommunicable diseases and that with tobacco, nutrition is the main factor. modifiable risk for several of these pathologies.

cropped expertise e santé concerne des domaines aussi variés que la télémédecine la prévention 1

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E-health concerns fields as varied as telemedicine, prevention, home support, monitoring of a chronic illness from a distance (diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, etc.), electronic medical records and applications and home automation…

cropped blockchain esante okaydoc recherche 1

Blockchain promises for E-Health

Ensuring better traceability of drugs, more efficient and secure exchanges or even protecting and regaining control of its health data … the blockchain has everything to revolutionize the health industry. Indeed, distributed registers can solve many problems specific to the medical and pharmaceutical fields. However, some reluctance should be lifted thanks to the expertise of our researchers specializing in this new technology.

cropped transparence okaydoc recherche 1

Transparency and collaborative research

Information sharing could benefit from being used in the health sector, which is currently very opaque. Medical research is often criticized for not being sufficiently collaborative, depriving the industry of significant scientific advances. Sharing information collaboratively on the Wikipedia model among different researchers and organizations can help achieve better synergies and innovate faster.

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