Become OkayDoctor

Joining Okay Doc today means joining a community of researchers to contribute to the world of tomorrow

Experts must be able to focus on what they can do best, and for that, we support them to promote their expertise to businesses. Belonging to a network also offers multiple opportunities for connections and events.

Why becoming an Okay Doc member?

Okay Doc intends to renew both the consulting and research codes by bringing in doctors and doctoral students in companies to enhance their work and their expertise in the form of exploratory work, prospective seminars and research notes.

Bringing innovation out of laboratories

Usually, the valorization of the PhD only goes through publications and the participation of doctoral students in colloquia and conferences. Increase the impact of your thesis work through motivating and high-stakes missions for clients seeking excellence and innovation.

To increase your income sources

Okay Doc offers doctors and doctoral students to put all their expertise at the service of society as a freelance expert. In addition to participating in missions, you can also participate in the development of Okay Doc as a business contributor, cooptator. You then benefit from financial advantages from the missions.

To keep on learning

Giving yourself the means to complete your knowledge and develop your skills by comparing your student work with the company’s field, carrying out missions in collaboration with other researchers in various disciplines.

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For any other questions, please contact us directly using the contact form bellow.

How is Okay Doc paid?

Okay Doc is paid by the final customers. Registration is free, the platform takes a commission paid by the final customer only if the mission starts. This margin is therefore painless for the freelance researcher. Its amount is variable depending on the duration and the complexity of the mission.

Who are Okay Doc customers?

We are offering services in all sectors in Paris and in the provinces.

Our clients can be CAC 40 companies, as well as public organisms, start-ups or SMEs.

What is the point of using the platform if I bring a mission myself?

The interest is to be able to be contractually supported by Okay Doc, which takes care of the contractual aspects with the final customer and with you, which offers a solid structure with which the final customer will be able to contract, and which takes a fixed margin of 5 % in this case.

How to offer your expertise?

Do you want to offer your expertise? Nothing could be simpler, send us the subject of your thesis. Popularization is an essential step to popularize your work and convince companies of your added value.