AI – Data Sciences Consulting

AI - Data Sciences Consulting

In an interconnected world where 4.4 billion people have access to the Internet, the volume of data explodes and the exploitation of data (Big Data) represents new black gold.

Data Science represents a real challenge for companies looking for development and profit and allows them to get ahead of their competitors.
By using useful and relevant data in real time, “smart data”, the company will be able to study the behavior of its customers, improve the customer experience, optimize its costs and investments …
Data science affects all departments of the company and brings its share of new issues and challenges.

Introducing AI – Data Sciences Consulting

Data Science is about generating value from raw data. Managing raw data and transforming it into quality information is now an essential process to remain competitive and not be outdone by its competitors. However, the implementation of a data management and optimization strategy may seem complex and is subject to many constraints (organizational, technical, legal, etc.).

Our Big Data expert-researchers will support you in the implementation of a strategy concerning the exploitation of your organization’s data to create value and remain competitive in a globalized data economy.

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Our services and areas of activity

Communication and science popularization

• Search for speakers
• Prospective seminars
• Colloquium organization
• Training
• Hackathon in Data Science

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Consulting and strategy in innovation

• Database analysis,
• Exploratory work,
• Laboratory studies
• Consulting in IS
• Feasibility studies
• Research notes (R&D studies)
• Technology transfer,
• Technology watch
• Study of the regulatory framework

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Scientific research and writing

• Documentary analysis
• Scientific article
• Writing of white papers
• Popular Science
• Technology report
• State of the art (CIR)
• Summary

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Recruitment and talent scouts

• Data Scientist
• Chief Data Officer
• Big Data Architect
• Data Protection Officer
• Data Miner
• Data Analyst
• Deep Learning Specialist
• Machine Learning Specialist
• Computer vision specialist

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AI – Data Sciences Consulting: our examples of interventions

The following list of examples of intervention illustrates the possibilities offered by Okay Doc experts to support you in the AI – Data Sciences field.

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Data Science: why and how to value your data

Data Science is a discipline that allows companies to analyze the raw data they collect to transform it into valuable information that will allow them to find solutions to business problems and to be more efficient.
Our data scientist experts will help you define and achieve your objectives: decision-making assistance, strengthening of knowledge and customer relations, process optimization, creation of new products / services, sale of data, etc.

cropped hackhaton okaydoc esante recherche 4

Organize a Hackathon in Data Science

A hackathon in Data Science can cover many activities related to the exploitation of data from the acquisition, enrichment, visualization, including the constitution of dashboards in real time, to the analytical part of modeling, of patterns, etc. As a key player in Data Science research, Okay Doc mobilizes researchers in Data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, data engineering, AR & AI engineering, UX & UI, and more to ensure that relevant developers join your challenge.

cropped ia datasciences marketing okaydoc recherche scaled 2

Boost the company’s marketing performance

In the past, product design was done “blindly” since it was only discussed and approved by a panel of consumers. Now, the exploitation and massive collection of data allow us to source needs that are not always expressed and to optimize our offers in real time. Our experts / researchers in marketing and data science will help you to set up, according to your operational needs, massive tests, questionnaires, simulations intended for targeted panels before the launch of product design… so many tools that allow you to better qualify the needs and expectations of consumers.

cropped block chain data okaydoc recherche 2

Improve the customer experience with Big Data

Thanks to Big Data, companies hold deep information about their customers. Analysis of the customer data collected allows us to understand customer behavior with regard to a product / service and to have a vision of what customers expect from the company. The challenge is also to be able to predict customer needs before they even notice it and therefore to be innovative.
The company is therefore ready to offer personalized service to its customers. The unique experience he will have lived will increase his loyalty to the brand.

couts datasciences okaydoc recherche scaled

Optimizing costs with Data Science

Optimizing costs and investments is the first advantage cited by companies regarding the use of Big Data. This is not trivial since the analysis of smart data helps organizations reduce their operating costs by identifying the elements that work efficiently and those that could be optimized.
For example, analyzing the data concerning the vehicles used and the driving habits of employees can allow a company to drastically reduce its expenses related to its automobile fleet.

cropped blockchain okaydoc recherche 1

Understanding blockchain opportunities

Blockchain is a technology that stores and secures the transmission of information in blocks, between different members of a network. It has the advantage of transaction security and speed. It was used in the beginning to manage cryptocurrencies, but it tends to develop in other sectors: insurance, banking, supply chain, energy, health, and now real estate. If at first glance it seems difficult to grasp, Okay Doc supports professionals who wish to develop it in their sector of activity which, by relying on blockchains, could become more flexible, more transparent, more equitable and better suited to today’s needs.

cropped intelligence artificielle okaydoc esante recherche 5

Big Data, the essence of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence needs a lot of smart data to be able to function optimally. Big Data is represented as the essence of artificial intelligence, a tool that is now essential for companies to make optimal decisions.

cropped imprimante3d datasciences okaydoc recherche 1

The 3D printer revolution: reality or fiction?

3D printers are currently having a great impact in the press. The first applications catalyze great hopes (the making of prostheses in the medical field) and great fears (the production of firearms), at the dawn of new uses, projections on the impact of this technology are essential .

cropped blockchain data okay doc 1

Intellectual property in the era of Big Data and Blockchain

It is essential to understand recent developments and current and future challenges of intellectual property law from an international, European and French perspective.

intelligence artificielle okaydoc recherche

Artificial intelligence and Big Data are interdependent

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technology that allows computers to learn without having been explicitly programmed for it. It is a way to make predictions from data based on statistics, data mining and predictive analytics.
Machine Learning thus makes it possible to transform big data into smart data. It is an ideal technology for companies to exploit new opportunities.

cropped smart agriculture okaydoc recherche 1

Smart Agriculture: digital in fertile ground

Technologies such as connected machines, weather sensors and soil analysis, data reports by drone … assist farmers and breeders in their daily practice and allow them to improve their yields.
Find out for example how to connect an agricultural machine to an external platform allows to store and analyze data relating to the volume of crops, seed moisture or soil condition. Once processed, they are returned to the operator to help him make the best decisions.

cropped smart city okaydoc recherche 1

Smart city: the keys to the intelligent city

In response to the climate challenges that we know, the city is also making organizational, technological and societal changes. The smart city seeks to reconcile the social, cultural and environmental pillars through a systemic approach that combines participatory governance and informed management of natural resources in order to meet the needs of institutions, businesses and citizens. Our expert researchers will use their knowledge of smart cities to help you make the best decisions.

cropped drone okaydoc recherche 1

The drone: a delivery revolution

Fully automated and connected technologies are generating a growing fascination, especially with the influence they exert on our lives and our workplaces. According to our experts, they can help reduce congestion and pollution as well as improve the efficiency of services. The drone belongs to the new generation and promises to speed up deliveries considerably but still encounters obstacles in terms of the regulatory framework and the use of airspace.

cropped pilotage automatique okaydoc recherche 1

Autopilot: what limits?

Computers do not experience stress and do not fall asleep. They reduce the risk of collision. Artificial intelligence also provides the driver with smoother and more optimized driving. However, as autonomous cars, guided by artificial intelligence, are about to conquer the market, many questions arise, particularly with regard to ethics and responsibility in the event of an accident. Our expert researchers will answer these complex questions and bring you their knowledge in this area.

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