Need to recruit or seeking specialized expertise for a specific project?

Okay Doc supports you both in recruiting scientists (research engineers, recent PhD graduates, PhD holders) and in fulfilling the specific needs of your organization (training, studies, state-of-the-art reports, conferences, etc.) through the scientific expertise of our community of researchers.

Sourcing and Recruitment of Scientists

Are you looking to hire a talented recent PhD graduate, a research engineer, or an experienced scientific expert?

Our scientific recruitment agency is committed to providing you with tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Our personalized methodology through direct approach allows us to understand your needs and find the candidate who perfectly matches your expectations.

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Innovation Consulting and Expertise Missions

Do you want to reinvent your processes, conduct a literature review, carry out state-of-the-art research, perform data analysis, scientific monitoring, or explore new opportunities?

With the expertise of our community of experts, our innovation consulting firm will accompany you throughout the process to help you achieve your goals.

Our customized approach ensures tailored recommendations that meet your specific needs, leveraging the knowledge of our scientific experts.

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Okay Doc adapts to your operational needs

Methodological, scientific, and technical advice, training… Our motto is to professionalize academics and bring academic expertise to professionals. We identify the necessary skills for your project and select the most suitable profiles. We then present you with a selection of profiles to meet your requirements.



Methodological, scientific, and technical advice, training, seminars… Okay Doc helps you establish the framework, duration, and pace of the mission based on your specific challenges.



We identify the necessary skills for your project and select the most suitable profiles. We then present you with a selection of profiles to fulfill the mission.



Okay Doc assists doctoral candidates and PhD holders in establishing the framework, duration, and pace of the mission based on their expertise and the challenges faced by businesses.



Administrative simplicity. You benefit from competitive rates, which may take into account the Research Tax Credit with high-level profiles.

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Why call on scientific expertise with Okay Doc?

The quantity and quality of the production of innovation depend on the characteristics of the players, but also on their interactions. The perception of doctors by companies often remains vague and is marked by stereotypes. Unlike many consultants, doctors are not formatted to tell companies what they want to hear, but rather to say what they need to hear.


The disruption always comes from the outside and surprises the players established in a market because it explodes all their certainties. To face this situation, the best way for the company to be prepared is to call on the outside by looking for a specific skill: the ability to anticipate where the  value will be in the future.


The world is looking for innovators, people who have the ambition to turn it the right way. Doctors are trained to think differently and solve problems in innovative ways.


Today, we need researchers in cognitive psychology, law, social marketing, design as much as engineers. That’s why we select and coordinate researchers from both fields of “hard” sciences as well as human and social sciences.

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    A win-win collaboration

    Methodological, scientific and technical advice, training… Okay Doc helps doctoral students and doctors to establish the framework, the duration and the rhythm of the mission based on their expertise and the companies problems. Our motto is to professionalize academics and “academic” professionals.

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    For the company

    Respond to your internal unfulfilled needs, use the skills of young researchers, innovate faster, train your employees, build new relationships…

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    For the doctoral student/ doctor

    Use your skills to fulfill companies’ needs, enhance and compare your works, gain additional experience, reflect on your professional orientation…

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    For the higher education establishment

    Strengthen the links with the socio-economic field, discover potential partners for longer collaborations, enhance the skills of your staff and students, encourage vocations…